The Latin America Energy Portal is an open guide to energy infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our Purpose

The Latin America Energy Portal is a project of Global Energy Monitor (GEM), an international organization that has been tracking energy projects worldwide since 2007.

GEM’s researchers collect comprehensive data on power plants, pipelines, and other energy infrastructure, providing regularly updated, reliable information about these projects and their global impacts.

Founded on principles of transparency and accountability, GEM believes that the data we gather should be rigorously researched and accessible to everyone. The Portal aims to improve access to GEM’s Latin American and Caribbean research by making it available in Spanish, Portuguese, and English on a single, dedicated platform.


What the Portal Offers

The Latin America Energy Portal provides a region-wide snapshot of energy infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean, through interactive maps, summary data, and hundreds of wiki pages.

The heart of the portal is a tracker map that offers easy access to GEM’s research on specific projects throughout the region: oil and gas pipelines, oil and gas extraction sites, coal- and gas-fired power plants, LNG terminals, steel plants, coal mines, and more.

Each project on the map is linked to a wiki page that provides details about the project’s history, status, capacity, and ownership, along with background info such as environmental, health, safety, and human rights impacts.


How to Use the Portal

There are two main ways to explore the Portal:

Explore the Map

From the tracker map on the home page, choose Oil & Gas or Coal & Steel, then zoom in for a closer look at specific countries or projects of interest. Energy projects are represented by different colors and shapes on the map, depending on project type and status. Click to learn more about any project on the associated wiki page. References at the bottom of each wiki page allow you to read news stories, government reports and other information related to that project.

Explore Resources

Use the Explore Resources panel to find country energy profiles, data sheets, reports, and additional wiki pages focused on region-specific energy topics.


Future Plans

GEM plans to expand the Portal through our own ongoing research and via collaboration with academics, journalists, researchers, and activists working on energy issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Future goals include adding new trackers for wind and solar energy, broadening the Portal’s coverage of regional energy issues, translating additional pages into Spanish and Portuguese, and showcasing the work of local organizations involved in the sustainable energy transition.



GEM welcomes your input in improving this website. If you’d like to contribute, click here.

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The Latin America Energy Portal is a project of Global Energy Monitor, an international organization that is building an open guide to the world’s energy system.

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The Latin America Energy Portal is a collaborative project, developed by an international community of individuals who care about energy and the environment.

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