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About the Wiki

The Latin America Energy Portal includes hundreds of GEM Wiki pages in English, Spanish and Portuguese focused on energy projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. References on each wiki page link to news stories, government reports and other info sources in English and local languages. Thousands of additional pages in English cover energy projects worldwide, together with a broad range of energy-related topics.

GEM Wiki is built on the MediaWiki platform, a tool developed by the Wikipedia Foundation that allows anyone to edit existing articles and create new ones. GEM staff and volunteers actively maintain the Wiki and vet new contributions to ensure quality and accuracy.

As the Latin America Energy Portal grows, GEM will continue to translate existing GEM Wiki pages and create new content in Spanish and Portuguese. If you’d like to volunteer your writing, editing or translation skills to help improve the Portal, please contact us.


Sample GEM Wiki pages for Latin America and the Caribbean

Nor Peruano Oil Pipeline (Peru)

Liza Gas Pipeline (Guyana)

Villa de Reyes – Aguascalientes – Guadalajara Gas Pipeline (Mexico)

Cerrejón Coal Mine (Colombia)

Terminal Gás Sul LNG Terminal (Brazil)

Loma La Lata Oil and Gas Field (Argentina)

Tocopilla Power Station (Chile)

Punta Catalina Power Station (Dominican Republic)

Global Energy Monitor

The Latin America Energy Portal is a project of Global Energy Monitor, an international organization that is building an open guide to the world’s energy system.

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The Latin America Energy Portal is a collaborative project, developed by an international community of individuals who care about energy and the environment.

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